I won the lottery!

A little over a week ago I was watering at the school garden when I spotted a tiny little caterpillar munching away on an equally tiny milkweed seedling that had volunteered to be a part of my pollinator paradise. Even though the caterpillar was perfectly suited to it's current selection of host plants, I was... Continue Reading →

Raising Monarchs – Part 1

Last weekend I received a message from a woman in my town, who may just be as passionate as I am when it comes to protecting our pollinators. She wanted to know if I would be interested in raising monarchs. Ummm - yeah! Count me in! This is something she has been doing for years,... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of a Meadow

Yesterday was a unicorn day - a rare and magical moment in time when all 3 of my kids played together in peace ALL DAY. There was no arguing on what to play; no shouts of "Mom!" or "that's not fair"; they simply moved from one activity to the next in a fluid motion with... Continue Reading →

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