About My Journey

Hello! My name is Dr. Britteny Kyle and I am a veterinarian with a special interest in honey bees, a mother of 3 awesome boys, and now a blogger! So how did I get here? I graduated in 2009 from the Ontario Veterinary College and entered small animal medicine in a busy 24 hour clinic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Over the next 7 years I focused on growing my family and, in between baby care, working as an associate in small animal general practice. Although there were many parts of practice that I absolutely loved, I just never found my groove. As my youngest celebrated his 1st birthday I began to debate if I would return to life as a veterinarian at all. Then an email arrived in my inbox for a course being offered through the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) on honey bee veterinary medicine. Wait!! What?? That’s a thing??? Having been fascinated by insects and the natural world since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I eagerly signed up. I will never forget listening to the first lecture – it was on honey bee anatomy. My mind was blown and I was hooked! It was like a full-circle, aha, this-is-what-I-was-meant-to-do moment of how I could take something so fascinating to me and combine it with all the things I love about veterinary medicine. So for the past year and a half I have thrown myself into learning everything I can about being a veterinarian for honey bees. This has not been the easiest path as there is no formal training here in Canada, but I have managed to find courses, textbook, journals, and conferences. I am having an absolute blast as the bees have taken over my life! I have also taken the opportunity to learn more about other pollinators and native plants – there is so much beauty around us when we just open our eyes!

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